Sep 9, 2014

Mie teacher punished for taping boy's mouth shut

Maintaining calm in a classroom may be a tough challenge for many elementary school teachers, but one in Mie Prefecture resorted to the ultimate step to ensure silence — taping a student’s mouth to shut him up. The Mie Prefectural Board of Education on ...

Famed Mie trail ripped by '04 typhoon reopens

Apr 25, 2014

Famed Mie trail ripped by '04 typhoon reopens

A scenic hiking trail in the Osugidani Valley of Mie Prefecture reopened Friday morning, nearly a decade after it was severely damaged by a powerful typhoon that hit the area in September 2004. The 14.1-km trail reopened along with the start of the hiking ...

Skin divers turn to tourism to stem the tide

Apr 24, 2014

Skin divers turn to tourism to stem the tide

by Chikako Mogi

At the Sea People restaurant in Shima, a coastal hamlet in Mie Prefecture, sea diver Machiyo Yamashita wants a piece of a tourism industry dominated by the cities that sapped her town’s vitality by luring away its youth. “I want to cook and serve ...

Jul 22, 2013

LDP rookie trounces DPJ vet on Okada's turf

Democratic Party of Japan candidate and incumbent Chiaki Takahashi, 56, lost his seat in Mie’s electoral district to Liberal Democratic Party rookie Yumi Yoshikawa during the Upper House election Sunday. The district is home to former DPJ President Katsuya Okada, who was known as ...