May 31, 2014

Kim Jong Il ordered improved ties

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who died in December 2011, issued an order in July 2007 to seek improved relations with Japan, and the instruction was conveyed in 2012 to a key official in the Democratic Party of Japan-led government, a diplomatic ...

Apr 2, 2014

Fear of flying? Not for North's young leader

A new photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un disembarking from a plane suggests he doesn’t share his father Kim Jong Il’s near-obsessive fear of flying. The ruling party’s official daily, Rodong Sinmun, ran a large color picture Wednesday of Kim stepping down ...

Kim purge puts world on alert

Dec 14, 2013

Kim purge puts world on alert

North Korea's execution of its second-most powerful figure may become a hefty price to pay, especially on economic development, experts say.