Mar 17, 2015

Beverage-makers focusing on fizzy drinks for adults

Ahead of summer, and in a bid to expand the range of customers in a market that has shown little growth due to the falling birthrate, beverage-makers have launched a series of carbonated drinks targeted at grown-ups. The companies are playing up health and ...

Vietnam's beer boys on big bender

Feb 20, 2015

Vietnam's beer boys on big bender

A scantily clad DJ gyrates to ear-splitting music as the crowd of drinkers orders more towers of lager: welcome to The Hangover, one of a new crop of ‘beer clubs’ raising concerns about Vietnam’s drinking culture. Beer goes for as little as 30 U.S. ...

Jan 24, 2015

$300,000 in fine wine stolen from famed restaurant is recovered

More than $300,000 in world-class wine stolen from a famed Napa Valley restaurant has been recovered from a private cellar on the other side of America. But the mystery of who broke into the unmarked wine room at the world-renowned French Laundry eatery and ...

Retailers cashing in on Japan's craft beer craze

Jan 21, 2015

Retailers cashing in on Japan's craft beer craze

After a short-lived boom in the 1990s, craft beer is catching on once again among thirsty Japanese consumers. Retailer Aeon Co. started stocking up to 90 craft and imported beers at 250 stores nationwide in December last year, and sales have been strong. “More ...