/ Apr 20, 2014

India's status quo is riskier


The political party that proudly led India into independence has been reduced to a self-serving coterie of sycophants, courtiers and court jesters. Is the status quo more risky than the "Modi alternative" in the current election?

/ Mar 16, 2014

Singh: missing for a decade


It would be interesting to know just what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh — in office for a decade but rarely in power during that time — thinks the job requires beyond being a sycophant toward the first family.

India's Congress party trounced in state elections

/ Dec 9, 2013

India's Congress party trounced in state elections

India’s governing Congress party suffered a bruising blow Sunday, losing four keenly watched state elections in what is seen as a semifinal for the national vote next spring.The country’s main opposition, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, won power in all four states, even ...

/ Aug 27, 2013

India MPs pass food-for-poor bill

India’s parliament on Monday passed a flagship $18 billion program to provide subsidized food to the poor that is intended to “wipe out” endemic hunger and malnutrition in the aspiring superpower — despite concerns about its impact on strained public finances.The Food Security Bill ...

/ Jul 31, 2013

India's ruling Congress party approves new state

India’s ruling Congress party approved a resolution Tuesday to create a new state in the southeast amid fears the decision could spark violence in the region, which includes IT hub Hyderabad.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and other senior party officials agreed ...