Jul 20, 2014

Video of child beating boy in Lebanon goes viral

Beirut Lebanon ordered an investigation Saturday into horrific video footage that has gone viral on the Internet showing a small child beating a boy, believed to be Syrian, urged on by adults. In the footage, which could not be independently verified by AFP, the ...

Jul 17, 2014

607 rescued from Mexican shelter

Mexican prosecutors said Wednesday that victims told horrific tales of sexual abuse, beatings, hunger and filth in a once well-regarded group home where authorities freed a total of 607 adults and children in a raid. Some were forced into sex by shelter employees and ...

Pope vows to hold bishops accountable for abuse

Jul 8, 2014

Pope vows to hold bishops accountable for abuse

Pope Francis begged forgiveness Monday in his first meeting with Catholics sexually abused by members of the clergy and went further than any of his predecessors by vowing to hold bishops accountable for their handling of pedophile priests. Abuse victims and their advocates have ...

Nigeria's epidemic: divorcee kids

Jun 29, 2014

Nigeria's epidemic: divorcee kids

by Michelle Faula

By the time she ran away, Maimuna bore the scars of a short but brutal marriage. Her battered face swelled so much that doctors feared her husband had dislocated her jaw. Her back and arms bristled with angry welts from the whipping her father ...