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Australian town commemorates 1944 POW camp breakout

by Tracy Tam

As dozens of spectators looked on at 2 a.m. on Aug. 5, three flares lit up the night sky over this small rural community in New South Wales, Australia, almost the exact time three shots rang out on the very same day 70 years before. Braving bitter cold, they were ...

| Jul 19, 2014

'Leaving the world' to gain freedom

by Michal Hoffman

A challenge: Scan Japanese history in search of freedom fighters. You won’t find many. Not freedom but submission was the proud Japanese ideal. It was the “way of the warrior.” A 16th-century poem declares, “For the samurai to learn / there’s one thing only ...

China opening up more of Unit 731 warfare lab

Jul 9, 2014

China opening up more of Unit 731 warfare lab

China will allow the public to visit previously restricted areas at a World War II-era chemical and biological weapons lab run by the Imperial Japanese Army’s notorious Unit 731 beginning next year, Chinese state media are reporting. The laboratory forms part of a site ...

Battle of Saipan: beginning of the end

Jul 5, 2014

Battle of Saipan: beginning of the end

by Jeff Kingston

Seventy years ago, the Imperial Japanese Army lost a pivotal battle over the Pacific island of Saipan, a defeat that put Tokyo within range of high-altitude U.S. B-29 bombing raids that could evade Japan's inadequate air defenses.