Surprise packet Atamifuji closed to within one win of a sensational first top-division championship with a gritty victory over fellow rank-and-file wrestler Abi at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday.

Contesting just his second makuuchi division tournament as a No. 15 maegashira, the 21-year-old from Shizuoka Prefecture became the sole leader at 11-3 after joint overnight leader Takakeisho (10-4) lost his ozeki battle with Hoshoryu (7-7).

Sekiwake Daieisho, No. 7 Takayasu and No. 11 Hokuseiho joined Takakeisho on the second rung of the leaderboard as they improved to 10-4 on the penultimate day of the 15-day competition at Ryogoku Kokugikan.