Hoshoryu outgunned Asanoyama in a battle of current and former ozeki to improve to 3-3 at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday.

Demotion-threatened kadoban ozeki Takakeisho, meanwhile, maintained his place on the top rung of the leaderboard at 5-1 after taking care of former sekiwake Tamawashi on Day 6 of the 15-day competition at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Looking to turn around a difficult start to his debut at the second-highest rank, new ozeki Hoshoryu was quick off the mark and established a strong belt grip that gave him the upper hand against No. 2 maegashira Asanoyama (2-4).

The powerfully built former ozeki drove Hoshoryu back and attempted to get him off the ground, but the July tournament winner showed off his strength and balance as he stayed planted and finished off the bout with an underarm throw.

Takakeisho, who needs eight wins to shake off kadoban status, moved closer to the target with a one-sided victory over No. 3 Tamawashi (0-6).

The three-time Emperor's Cup winner landed a heavy opening hit and quickly pushed out the 38-year-old Mongolian iron man, who was fighting in his 1,544th consecutive bout that took him to outright second on the all-time list.

Takakeisho shares the lead in Tokyo with former ozeki Takayasu, now competing as a No. 7, and three other rank-and-file wrestlers.

Kirishima (4-2), the other kadoban ozeki, deftly executed a beltless arm throw to dispatch former ozeki and current No. 3 Shodai (2-4), a problem opponent who had a 10-6 advantage in their head-to-head matchups coming into the bout.

The three ozeki headline the tournament in the absence of yokozuna Terunofuji, who is out of action while treating a back injury and symptoms of diabetes.

Sekiwake Wakamotoharu and Kotonowaka stayed one win back at 4-2 after beating, respectively, komusubi Tobizaru and Nishikigi (both 3-3).