Lone ozeki Takakeisho maintained the outright lead Tuesday at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament with a solid win over komusubi Meisei.

The highest-ranked rikishi in the absence of grand champion Terunofuji, Takakeisho took another step toward his third Emperor's Cup and a potential yokozuna promotion as he improved to 9-1 on Day 10 at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

As the pair met in the middle, Takakeisho snared Meisei (3-7) by the right arm and tossed him head-first with an armlock throw.

No. 8 maegashira Onosho and No. 13 Kotoshoho improved to 8-2 to remain one win off the pace at the 15-day tournament.

Former komusubi Onosho forced out No. 4 Nishikifuji (3-7), while the 23-year-old Kotoshoho secured his first winning record since March by thrusting down No. 7 Ura (6-4) in a rematch of their initial bout.

"I need to do my own sumo on a daily basis. I know everyone says that but that's what I have to do," Kotoshoho said. "I haven't done well lately, so it's good to get the winning record this time."

Sekiwake Hoshoryu (6-4) forfeited his scheduled bout against komusubi Kiribayama (6-4) after spraining his left ankle the previous day but is expected to return on Day 11, providing his injury responds to treatment.

"He says he wants to compete," stablemaster Tatsunami said. "If he gets one more win, he may be able to stay in sanyaku. It depends on the pain level."

In one of the day's upsets, No. 4 Sadanoumi (3-7) forced out sekiwake Wakatakakage (5-5) to stave off a losing record for the tournament.

Sekiwake Shodai (4-6) continued his battle to stay among the elite sanyaku ranks below yokozuna, defeating No. 3 Midorifuji (5-5) with an arm-barring force out.