Roughly 3.2 million tickets were sold in the first phase of ticket sales for next year's Tokyo Olympics, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee said Friday.

Japan residents who won the right to purchases tickets through the first-phase ticket lottery were required to complete their purchases on Thursday when organizers announced another round of sales for those who tried but failed to get any tickets in the first phase.

Hundreds of thousands of tickets will be available in August's "second chance" lottery, organizers revealed. However, tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies, and many finals are expected to be excluded.

Originally, organizers estimated they would have approximately 7.8 million tickets available for the Summer Games, but that figure is now expected to exceed 9 million, according to sources.

Less than 10 percent of the tickets assigned in the first-phase lottery remain unsold.

A second-phase ticket lottery is scheduled for this autumn when tickets for all events will be up for grabs, but Tokyo 2020 ticketing director Hidenori Suzuki said, "There won't be more tickets available than during the first phase."