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Hakuho improves to 10-0 at Spring Grand Sumo Tournament


Yokozuna Hakuho improved to a perfect 10-0 Tuesday at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, but a pair of wrestlers remain just one win behind the all-time championship record holder on the leaderboard.

Hakuho toppled Tamawashi on the 10th day of the 15-day meet at Edion Arena Osaka, avenging his defeat at the January tourney eventually won by the Mongolian sekiwake.

A pair of rank-and-file wrestlers — No. 4 maegashira Ichinojo and No. 7 Aoiyama — moved up to 9-1 to keep up their pursuit.

For the second time in the tournament, Hakuho escaped from a dangerous situation to snatch victory after Tamawashi took the upper hand by knocking the yokozuna off balance with an attempted arm throw.

As Tamawashi (4-6) advanced to finish off his opponent, Hakuho pivoted out of his path and then flung the sekiwake to the ground from behind.

Fellow yokozuna Kakuryu (8-2) dropped a further win off the pace with a loss to sekiwake Takakeisho (8-2).

The 22-year-old Takakeisho, who has an ozeki promotion in his sights, got his first career win over Kakuryu with a pull-down following an exchange of blows that left the yokozuna bleeding from the nose.

Ozeki Takayasu (8-2) also fell one win further back, falling to Ichinojo.

In a clash between ozeki, Goeido defeated Georgian-born powerhouse Tochinoshin to secure a winning record for the meet.

The Osaka Prefecture native took an outside grip at the opening collision as Tochinoshin countered by pinning his foe’s arm.

Holding the stronger position, Goeido (8-2) twisted Tochinoshin (6-4) to the clay with an overarm throw.

Komusubi Mitakeumi (4-6) broke a five-bout losing streak as he pushed out No. 1 Endo (3-7).

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