Sports Agency Commissioner Daichi Suzuki on Monday revealed details of the strategic plan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics designed to help Japan win medals in a wider variety of disciplines and improve the overall medal count.

The so-called "Suzuki Plan" will serve as a framework in order to improve competitiveness as the Japanese capital prepares to host the Summer Games in 2020 and take measures to ensure optimal performance of its athletes while running a successful operation.

Although Japan won a total of 41 medals at the Rio Games in August for the most in the country's Olympic history, the number of sports events the medals were won in dropped from 13 at the 2012 London Games to 10.

According to the new plan, the Japanese Olympic Committee and Japanese Paralympic Committee will be responsible for providing guidance and advice for each federation's development programs, while campaigns to identify potential medal talent from other sports will be launched.

The plan also includes increasing support available to female athletes and sending coaches overseas for training.

Between 2019 and 2020 which is referred to as the "final spurt period," the agency promises to place special emphasis on assisting sports likely to give Japan medals.