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Terunofuji’s bid to capture his second title in three meets continued to gather pace as the Mongolian ozeki defeated compatriot Ichinojo at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday.

Summer champion Terunofuji was in total control in the day’s penultimate bout at Ryogoku Kokugikan, wrapping up the giant fourth-ranked maegashira and shunting him over the edge of the ring to preserve his spotless record at 9-0. The loss was Ichinojo’s fifth.

Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu and rank-and-filer Ikioi both kept up the chase with their eighth wins, but ozeki Kisenosato’s hopes of a maiden title took a hit with a second defeat, at the hands of komusubi Okinoumi. He joins two others at 7-2.

Lone yokozuna Kakuryu barely broke sweat in his bout against Takarafuji (4-5), blasting the No. 4 maegashira out of the ring in a matter of seconds.

In an earlier bout, Ikioi, a 12th-ranked maegashira, prevailed with a kotenage arm-lock throw to see off veteran sixth-ranked maegashira Aminishiki (6-3).

In the day’s big upset, Kisenosato looked in position to claim an eighth win but Okinoumi (4-5) turned the tables at the edge of the ring and countered to send the ozeki out for a tsukiotoshi thrust down win.

“It wasn’t a great performance but I managed to hang in there until the end and somehow grind out the win,” said Okinoumi.

In other bouts, Kotoshogiku claimed ozeki bragging rights and moved within one victory of a winning record by muscling out Goeido, who slipped to 4-5.

Ozeki hopeful Tochiozan failed to stop the rot and was sentenced to his fourth straight defeat by Osunaarashi (4-5), the sekiwake taking a pounding after the charge before being dumped into the front row of ringside cushions by the Egyptian No. 2 maegashira.

Georgian komusubi Tochinoshin scored a fourth win, using a tsuridashi technique to lift out third-ranked maegashira Sadanoumi (2-7).

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