Mongolian-born yokozuna Kakuryu on Tuesday announced his engagement to countrywoman Dashnyam Munkhzaya.

The 29-year-old Kakuryu, who was promoted to sumo's highest rank last May, said the couple is planning the birth of their first child in May. No dates have been set for a wedding ceremony or reception.

"She is extremely cheerful. She is a person who gives me vitality," said Kakuryu at a news conference at his Izutsu stable in Tokyo's Sumida Ward.

Kakuryu, whose real name is Mangaljalav Anand, met the 23-year-old Munkhzaya at the end of 2013 in Ulan Bator. They have been living together in Tokyo since August 2014

"Last year I won my first championship and was able to gain promotion to yokozuna. It was really great that I was able to meet her. My goal is to get my first championship as a yokozuna," said Kakuryu ahead of the 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament that begins at Ryogoku Kokugikan this Sunday.

Munkhzaya, who is currently studying at a Japanese language school, said in Mongolian, "He is calm and gentle. I also love his mischievous nature."

Stable elder Izutsu has given his seal of approval for the nuptials.

"If you look at Kakuryu's success last year, it seems that the two of them are very compatible," Izutsu said.