China’s artificial intelligence-powered autonomous-vehicle market is showing serious promise.

So, of course, Elon Musk wants a piece of it, especially since he’s struggled to get self-driving technology off the ground in the U.S. That may not pan out as well as the Tesla chief executive officer’s Beijing-backed electric-vehicle bet.

Local media say Tesla could be getting ready to test its full self-driving technology in China. Given the firm’s FSD track record in the U.S., that’s a scary and unsafe prospect. In May 2021, Tesla announced it was eliminating critical radars on new cars. It then started disabling them in vehicles already on the road, resulting in an uptick in crashes, the Washington Post reported. In February, it paused the rollout of FSD. Suffice to say, the global EV frontrunner has hit roadblocks on AVs. Presumably, the hope is that a turn to China will help accelerate its ambitions.