I am not an expert on military matters or the consequences of war. I am an ordinary citizen concerned about the turn of events in Afghanistan — where lives are still unnecessarily being lost.

Mine is neither an admonition, nor is it a directive and not even a suggestion; it is a plea for the leading powers — notably, but not only the United States — to strive for policies that can create a better world.

I arrived in the United States 50 years ago, first as a resident, and later became a citizen. I came with the expectation that this nation would persevere in furthering the ideals of peace and justice that we all so badly wanted and needed at the time. Instead, what I have experienced is a country that enmeshes itself in unnecessary wars that weaken it considerably, both materially and in terms of international prestige. It saddens me because the United States has given me, my wife and my daughter so many wonderful professional opportunities.