Regarding “Moritomo overstated costs to ministry” in the March 8 edition: The story so far — here’s what we missed. …

Akie Abe did a bad thing, but can’t understand why everyone’s worried, and has a lovely smile — well she thinks so.

Shinzo Abe wants to train Japanese youth into mindless obedience and extend his reign, perhaps even beyond that of the Emperor’s?

Shintaro Ishihara can say “no” but he can’t remember all the bad things he did and even if he did them, so what? It was the fault of all the people who worked for him, never his own.

The Justice Ministry can’t be just because it can’t be trusted, and the education ministry not only forces schools to employ its has-beens but also supports schools that should never have been.

So why not amalgamate them all into a TV miniseries called “Fear and Loathing?” Oh wait, that’s already been made — Kakuei Tanaka took the money, and so did Shin Kanemaru and Ryutaro Hashimoto, and a list of others longer than an NBA player’s arm. In fact, it seems the current shows are all reruns with name changes — wonder what’s on tomorrow? Guess it will be just the same old same old.


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