Regarding “Sex educator clues in curious youths” in the Jan. 4 edition, with its “safe sex” push and dismissal of sexual abstinence, Asuka Someya’s organization Pilcon is actually putting young Japanese at more — not less — risk of the negative consequences of sex. Scoff at abstinence until marriage as uncool, folks, but its practice offers 100 percent guaranteed protection against pregnancy and disease — fact, not opinion. Someya herself never would have gotten pregnant at age 20 had she practiced it — again, fact, not opinion.

Premarital abstinence and marital fidelity are far superior to Pilcon’s “safe sex” charade — no one can deny this, unless they let their emotions and hormones overrun their logic! They eliminate the risk of pregnancy and disease in a way that Someya’s condoms cannot, and guide young people to see each other as human beings with dignity — not merely as pleasure-providers.

My advice to any young people reading this is: Resist society’s mantra that you must have sex. It’s cool to be a rebel, after all — so be counter-cultural, and rebel against this popular secular attitude that saving yourself for marriage means you’re a loser. You’re a human being — treat yourself and others as one. Don’t use people, and that especially goes for sex. Your sexuality and your bodies are gifts from God, so avoid “giving them up” to just anyone who sees in you little else than a chance for a sexual thrill.


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