Regarding the Dec. 31 article “In Fukushima, abandoned pets are multiplying“: Thank you for picking up this topic. I wish all the people who simply left their pets behind in Fukushima after the 3/11 nuclear plant disaster would read this article.

I may seem prejudiced against those who now insist on compensation for themselves after they abandoned what used to be family members in the contaminated area. I don’t want to blame the evacuees now forced to live an inconvenient life, but the abandoned animals obviously suffer a more harsh existence.

So, I would really like all the evacuees who are receiving indemnification and who abandoned their pets to cooperate with those who are trying to help the animals and to donate to the cause. There are lots of volunteers — though never enough — who really want to help these animals.

As I’m currently trying to help street cats in Tokyo’s Koto Ward, where I used to work, and in Shibuya Ward, where I reside, I don’t have the chance to go to Fukushima to help, but I will keep donating. I really appreciate the efforts of Hiro Yamasaki of the Animal Rescue System Fund and veterinarian Fumie Endo (both cited in the article), all of the volunteers and The Japan Times.

I think the environment ministry should allocate the budget necessary to support any animals harmed as a result of the nuclear plant accident. Lives are much more important than money.

kunie seki

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