One year overseas already required

Regarding the Dec. 8 editorial “English teachers to study abroad“: I get the feeling that at least one year of study in an English-speaking country is already required for English teachers, even at the senior high school level. I know a man with a master’s degree whose application for a position at a junior college was not considered; yet a man with a B.A. who had one year of study in an English-speaking country was employed.

In our city, for elementary school English-teaching assistants, a one-year stay in an English-speaking country is required. An English teacher who has never studied in an English-speaking country seems to be at a big disadvantage.

Don’t forget also that tax money for public high school English teachers comes from teachers who work for private educational institutions and from parents who send their children to private schools. Some part of the tax money should be used for teachers at Tokyo private schools. Tax money doesn’t just apply to public schools.

masayuki aihara

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  • Scott Reynolds

    First, the policy referred to in the article applies to Tokyo only. Your local school board may have different policies, and that is fine.

    Secondly, public funds should absolutely NOT be spent on private schools. If parents want to send their children to private schools or juku or hire private tutors that is their right, but they are not entitled to be subsidised for it by the taxpayer.