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Regarding Michael Hoffman’s June 24 column, “The doomsday cult of 9-to-5 depression“: This 9-to-5 depression affects not only Japanese people. I’d gotten to the stage where I wanted to actually vomit in the morning if I had to face another day at my job.

So, despite not having another job to go to, when the time came for the new contract earlier this year, I said “No thanks.”

I figured it would take about two months for my eating, sleeping and general mood to recover from the several years I’d spent at that job, and I was right. The seemingly never-ending demands for MORE with no encouragement, gratitude or reward became too much and I just had to leave.

I knew from previous occasions that asking for time off, even with an explanation of the problem, would garner no sympathy and I’d be told I should find another job if I couldn’t cope. In fact, management had been saying just that to us on a regular basis for about a year or so. My situation now is less than enviable, I’m still out of work, but for the sake of my health, I had to do it.

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