Columnist was misunderstood


It seems to me that Sarah Mulvey (April 22 letter, “Disheartening stereotyped role“) has completely misjudged Thomas Dillon’s When East Marries West column, his writing style and even his personality when she complains about his April 7 column titled “Texting in the proper context.”

This is quite possible since she admits not to reading his column, in which case one might suggest that she cultivate a better acquaintance with what she critiques.

At the very least she needs a better sense of humor. Dillon’s reflections on his international marriage and family, his and other foreigners’ experiences in Japan and, simultaneously, his experience with Japanese people and foreigners are habitually quite funny — both because of the familiarity that many of us longer-term residents recognize as well as the humble and usually self-deprecating way he describes them. There is more of Anpanman about Dillon than “Charisma Man.” In fact, I suspect he might even vie for Ultraman recognition, but settle for Anpanman.

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grant piper