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Tom Pierson, whose Sept. 18 letter (“Pro-Israeli policy at what price?“) demonizes Israel without justification, might know that anti-Israel propaganda is prevalent everywhere and that it is not some “elephant in the room” that no one will discuss. He somehow connects 9/11, high gas prices, increased airport security, etc., with American support for Israel.

Israel is the only democracy in that part of the world. It is a leader in technology, science and intellectual capital. It is a free country whose citizens enjoy a higher standard of living and more liberties than anyone for miles around. It is a country that has accepted millions of oppressed people from other lands in the last 60 years and given them a place in society.

Take a look at those savages in the Muslim world who think it is OK to take their own lives in the name of God, or teach their children to hate, or recruit the disenfranchised and give them hope through violence and “jihad.” I’m sure Pierson has some fantasy rationalization about how America is to blame for all of the world’s problems, and that if only we hadn’t invaded Iraq or didn’t oppress so many people, terrorists never would have attacked anyone.

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greg leviton

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