• Redlands, Calif.


Regarding the Jan. 17 editorial “Students feel heat of joblessness“: Having lived in Japan for three years and with a degree in economics, I would like to suggest a solution to the problem of homelessness in Japan.

In the United States, many churches combine their funds to build facilities to help get people off the streets. While recuperating, some people turn their lives around, both morally and socially, and take another shot at the job market. While looking for work in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, I see that some jobs require native Japanese- language skills as well as English skills. I feel that these jobs are best suited for native Japanese who have studied English conversation at a school with a native English teacher.

I would propose a program to give vouchers to the unemployed and homeless. I have heard that with six to 12 months of rigorous study, those who previously were collecting benefits will be paying income taxes instead. Is anyone working on a program for the homeless and unemployed in Japan? Feel free to contact me (MTerry145@UCLA.edu).

michael terry

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