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the March 13 AP article “U.S. suggests new engagement with Myanmar is failing”: Engagement never had the slightest chance of success, as it was nothing more than wishful thinking based on the mistaken belief that if U.S. President Barack Obama opened his mouth and waved his index finger, everything would fall into place like magic. The fact is that the nefarious generals of Myanmar have duped the international community ever since they seized power in 1962. They have clung to power by any means.

It is naive to believe that one can talk them into changing course and espousing the cause of democracy. The much heralded election and election laws in Myanmar are a farce. They are nothing more than the edicts issued by a despotic ruler. What is needed is stronger and more effective sanctions. Actually any company that does business with the blacklisted companies of Myanmar should be considered infected and subject to similar sanctions. If economic powerhouses with democratic institutions like Japan lent a helping hand, the sanctions would be much more effective.

At the same time, the United Nations should activate the appropriate mechanisms to put more pressure on the regime. There should be no illusions about the wickedness of the generals of Myanmar. Hopefully, the Obama administration has realized the folly of stooping to engage with them.

setkyar min

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