Regarding Debito Arudou’s Sept. 1 article, “Meet Mr. James, gaijin clown“: I can’t believe The Japan Times would print this self-serving rubbish. It seems that Arudou has run out of things to complain about and is resorting to writing about trivial things that are irrelevant to the lives of foreigners in Japan.

From my observations, there seem to be many Caucasian gaijin here who can’t speak, read or write the language properly and make no apparent efforts to fit in with Japanese customs and culture. Compared with them, “Mr. James” looks pretty good. However, that’s their choice and they must live with all the consequences. My advice is that Arudou get a job that actually contributes to the financial well-being of his adopted country. In other words, he should “get a life.”

ian beattie