Regarding the Aug. 9 article “Many in India hail its nukes“: Yes, this is perhaps true. Indian people are nationalistic, but more than that, a majority of us do not believe that America alone is the world’s true friend.

And our opinions won’t easily change unless an American president apologizes to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the U.S. war crime of dropping the atomic bombs; unless America reduces its own nuclear arsenal to a level equal to that of India or, better yet, to zero; unless America ratifies the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; unless America and Japan stop supporting a rogue nation like Pakistan, which uses aid given to it to fund terrorist activities against India; and unless Japan offers full support for India’s civilian uses of atomic energy to overcome energy crises.

India also is waiting for the world to see that support for Pakistan’s and North Korea’s rogue activities comes from China, and unless the United States and other nations counter China, India cannot sit easy or join denuclearization talks. Because we know we cannot outsource our self-defense needs to America, we will have to do it alone.

shrikant atre