• Nagoya


Isn’t it interesting how selective liberals are in their condemnation of pain and cruelty? Their compassion for the “victims” of the Bush-Cheney interrogation practices — only three people were waterboarded — is interesting in light of their absolute silence on abortion. The interrogation techniques used by the military, at most, frightened the subjects but did little if any real physical harm.

Abortion, on the hand, consists of either cutting a fetus to pieces or drowning it in a burning salt bath until it dies. Fetuses may be guilty of being unwanted, but do they deserve such horrific and, many experts now believe, painful deaths?

The liberal ignores such issues and instead focuses on the plight of death row murderers, terrorists, Guantanamo detainees and every noninsect animal form known to man. Talk about having screwed up priorities.

frank evans

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