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Regarding the March 17 article “Calderon girl gets year stay“: First, I agree that the parents of Noriko Calderon (13) should be deported in accordance with the Japan Immigration Act. As they committed a crime in possessing fake passports, they should not only be considered an illegal immigrant in Japan, but also charged under legislation in the Philippines.

Second, I think every country has the right to restrict the entry of illegal immigrants. Although Noriko was born and bred in Japan, her parents do not have Japanese nationality. Hence, in my opinion, I don’t see why she has the right to remain in Japan without a proper visa application. She should not have been granted a stay just because she is unable to communicate in the original language (Tagalog) of her parents.

If everybody sought to enter a country illegally with such thoughts and if the laws of that country were sufficiently loose, ultimately the safety and living standards of the country would be impacted. If every foreigner could count on being granted special-resident status and becoming naturalized, then I think many would just plan to have a baby in that country. In that case, what would be the rationale for having others go through the hassle of visa and resident alien applications?

minako ishii

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