• Hilo, Hawaii


Regarding the March 4 article “Aegis ships may target missile from North (Korea)“: Is there a corridor over the Pacific Ocean into which a missile could fly without being a threat to Japan? Tracking systems could determine the direction of the missile. It would be stupid for a country that is the focus of global attention to launch a single-missile attack.

The world is so war-minded. Why, as advanced as we are, do we go on acting like prehistoric man, without trusting anyone? What kind of future are we showing the younger generation? Are we making them warmongers in their time? If we don’t change, we will terminate life because of our distrust and stupidity.

Japan should break away from the United States. Japan doesn’t have to be dependent on anyone in terms of military aid and government policies. It should not be pushed around or told what is good and bad. America cannot fix its own problems, so how can it say anything to other countries about their issues? Japan should be like China: Tell America off when it feels it is being told what to do! America is America. Japan is Japan, so let it stand up for its beliefs and not waiver.

larry ejima

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