The wing tips of two passenger jets "scratched" each other at an airport in Osaka on Thursday, the airport operator said, in the latest in a string of recent aviation mishaps in the country.

Reports said no one was injured in the incident involving the two All Nippon Airways aircraft at Osaka's Itami airport for domestic flights.

"We've been told wing tips of two ANA planes scratched each other" shortly after 10:00 am, said a spokesman for Kansai Airports, which operates the Itami facility.

No passengers or crew were injured, local media said, just weeks after a spate of plane-related woes made headlines in Japan and abroad.

The most serious of those was a near-catastrophic collision at Haneda Airport between a Japan Airlines aircraft and a smaller coast guard plane on Jan. 2.

All 379 people on board the JAL Airbus escaped just before the aircraft was engulfed in flames, but five of the six people on the smaller aircraft died.

Also in January, snowy conditions caused the wing tip of a Korean Air plane to strike an empty Cathay Pacific airliner while taxiing at an airport in Hokkaido.

Another ANA flight of a Boeing 737-800 reportedly had to turn back after a crack was discovered on the cockpit window. And a U.S.-bound ANA plane had to return to Tokyo after an intoxicated passenger bit a cabin attendant mid-flight.