A woman was arrested Friday for allegedly abandoning two corpses after Tokyo police found the bodies of a missing couple underneath their home with apparent knife wounds.

Hazel Ann Baguisa Morales, 30, was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the bodies of Norihiro Takahashi, 55, and his wife Kimie, 52, at the house in the capital's Adachi Ward around Tuesday, the police said.

Morales used to date the couple's son, who is in his 30s and lived with his parents. Morales, who is a Philippines national and is believed to have been an acquaintance of the couple, has denied the allegations.

Investigators are looking into whether Morales had any disagreements with the couple prior to their disappearance, as well as the causes of their deaths. They also believe another person was involved in the incident.

The police suspect the couple was attacked at their 3-story home as blood stains were found near the house's entrance and in the hallway, among other locations. They said there were also signs of blood stains being wiped away.

The couple's son called the police on Tuesday, saying that his parents were missing when he came home from work and there were blood stains at the entrance of the home.

Police conducted an on-site investigation on Thursday and found the bodies wrapped in sheets under the floor of the house.