The government has said that it would need to spend about ¥84 billion for the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka besides the already announced venue construction costs.

The estimated venue construction costs have been nearly doubled to up to ¥235 billion, one-third of which will be paid by the government.

But ministers told a parliamentary meeting Monday that the government would need to pay more, partly to build the Japan pavilion at the expo venue.

At an Upper House budget committee meeting, industry minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said that the government planned to spend up to ¥36 billion on the Japan pavilion, in response to a question from Kiyomi Tsujimoto of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

As Tsujimoto grilled the government further, Hanako Jimi, minister in charge of the expo, disclosed more spending items.

Jimi said the government would also need to spend ¥24 billion to support developing countries participating in the event, ¥19.9 billion to secure safety in the venue and ¥3.8 billion to raise momentum for the event.

Just last week, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a parliamentary meeting that the government would not allow the venue construction costs to rise any further from ¥235 billion.

On Monday, Kishida told the budget committee, "We must continue our rationalization efforts" regarding costs.

He denied he had any intention of deceiving the public when he made the remark last week.