Japan is not considering penalties for noncompliant businesses in its planned guidelines on the development and use of generative artificial intelligence, government and ruling coalition officials said Friday.

The government aims to accelerate the development and use of generative AI under the guidelines that it expects to compile later this year, while also looking to reduce the risk of leaks of personal information.

The guidelines are expected to list 10 principles, including compliance with the Constitution, respect for human dignity, the protection of privacy and the need to ensure transparency in data learning.

The government is considering asking businesses to take measures aimed at preventing users from excessively depending on AI and barring them from providing the personal information of users to third parties without consent.

It may introduce a certification system to ensure the protection of personal information and transparency by AI developers, while mulling regulations in eight industries, including finance, medical care and broadcasting, where risks associated with AI use are believed to be high.

The guidelines are set to target businesses and do not cover general users.