A giant mural by late artist Taro Okamoto installed near Tokyo's Shibuya Station, which depicts the moment an atomic bomb explodes, will undergo extensive restoration work spanning several years, his memorial foundation has said.

The "Myth of Tomorrow," a 5.5-meter by 30-meter mural installed on the wall of a walkway at the station in 2008, has been experiencing issues such as cracks, peeling, and discoloration, according to the Taro Okamoto Memorial Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art.

The first phase of the restoration work, beginning from the right side of the piece, will commence on Oct. 10 and span approximately 40 days, according to the foundation. Tasks will encompass cleaning, repairing cracks, applying protective materials, and enhancing ventilation behind the mural.

"Substantial maintenance is necessary to preserve this valuable piece of art for future generations," the foundation said.

A nonprofit organization overseeing the restoration project has launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of raising ¥18 million ($121,000) to help cover costs. Pledges start from ¥3,000 and can be made through Nov. 30.

The "Myth of Tomorrow," painted by Okamoto from 1968 to 1969 as a mural for a hotel in Mexico City, became unaccounted for as the hotel owner's business faltered.

The mural, which features a burning skeleton under a mushroom cloud, was discovered in a warehouse in a suburb of Mexico City in 2003 and was restored in Japan.

Okamoto is known for his work "Tower of the Sun," which was built for the 1970 Japan World Exposition in Osaka Prefecture.