Former Japanese lawmaker and YouTuber GaaSyy, who has been indicted on five charges including habitual online intimidation of celebrities, was released Thursday on bail after posting a ¥30 million ($203,000) bond.

The 51-year-old defendant, whose real name is Yoshikazu Higashitani, admitted to the charges and apologized for causing "huge psychological pain and economic damage (to the victims)" during his first trial hearing at the Tokyo District Court on Tuesday.

His defense lawyer, who requested bail the same day, denied that his client's actions amounted to habitual threats.

GaaSyy became a popular YouTuber, posting videos about celebrity scandals on his channel. He was elected on the ticket of a minor opposition party under the proportional representation system in July last year, but was expelled from the House of Councilors in March for not attending any sessions of parliament.

According to the written indictment, GaaSyy allegedly intimidated Japanese actor Go Ayano, 41, and three other individuals on YouTube between February and September last year.

GaaSyy was placed on an international wanted list at one point, as he had been in the United Arab Emirates. Japanese police arrested him upon his return in June.