The Digital Agency said Tuesday it will start a test later this month to demonstrate use of My Number personal identification cards in the entertainment field.

The agency will work with private business operators to use My Number cards, for example, for age verification when serving alcoholic beverages at event venues.

The test will be joined by major ticketing agency Pia, consulting firm Dream Incubator and others. It will examine whether the use of My Number cards will help improve the efficiency of identity checks.

The agency hopes businesses will start making full use of My Number cards based on the test results.

The agency also plans to conduct a test by the end of the current fiscal year to prevent the unfair resale of tickets by requiring identity verification with My Number cards on official secondary distribution sites.

The government believes that expanding the use of My Number cards in private services is one of the keys to further promoting their use amid a series of problems with the My Number system.

"It's very important to expand the use of My Number cards so that people can realize their benefits," digital transformation minister Taro Kono told a news conference on Tuesday.