A Japanese court on Friday sentenced renowned industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama to a suspended prison term for speeding last October in northeastern Japan in a Ferrari sports car model that he designed.

The Yamagata District Court gave Okuyama, 63, a prison term of four months, suspended for two years, for driving an Enzo Ferrari at a speed of 128 kilometers per hour, 88 kph over the speed limit, on a scenic mountain road in Yamagata Prefecture at around 10:50 a.m. on Oct. 1.

Prosecutors had demanded four months in prison.

Okuyama admitted to speeding, saying he wanted to expose the engine to fast-moving air to cool it down, according to his lawyer.

"The degree of speeding was considerable and was extremely dangerous," said Judge Osamu Imai in handing down the ruling, adding that the term was suspended because Okuyama admitted to the charge.

Okuyama told reporters, "I will make sure this will never happen again and will contribute to society. I am very sorry."

Along with the Enzo Ferrari, Okuyama is known for designing the E7 bullet train series and the luxury sleeper train Train Suite Shiki-Shima.