Muji, the Japanese retailer that sells simply designed items such as notebooks, cosmetics and clothing, is boosting the number of stores showcasing more affordable products to attract consumers being hit by rising prices.

The new shops, focused on selling essential household goods at ¥500 ($3.4) or less, are being built near or inside train stations in the suburbs of Tokyo and Osaka by Ryohin Keikaku, the brand’s parent company. Target consumers include commuters, students and local residents.

The Muji 500 stores represent a shift for the retailer, which has built up a following for its beige notebooks and monotone clothes. Often located in trendy retail areas, Muji has gained a reputation for offering quality goods but also being more expensive than rivals. That makes it more vulnerable in an inflationary environment, with higher prices fueled by the weaker yen and higher raw material prices even as wages remain stagnant.