An All Nippon Airways plane adorned with characters from the global hit anime series "Demon Slayer" will start flying on domestic routes from late January next year, the parent company of ANA said Monday.

In collaboration with the anime series, which will air for its second season in early December, ANA will feature in-flight announcements with the characters' voices, said ANA Holdings Inc.

The images of the "Demon Slayer" characters, including hero Tanjiro Kamado, will appear on a Boeing 767, with a second aircraft bearing the "Demon Slayer" theme expected to operate sometime during fiscal 2021, which runs through March next year, according to ANA Holdings.

Starting Dec. 1, the airline will also launch a yearlong campaign on all domestic flights providing children onboard with anime-inspired paper cups and toys.

Episodes of "Demon Slayer" — which tells the story of Kamado, an adolescent boy fighting human-eating demons while searching for a cure for his sister, who has turned into a demon — will also be shown on both international and domestic flights.

"We are excited to partner with Demon Slayer to generate excitement and share Japanese culture with a wider audience," said Junko Yazawa, senior vice president of customer experience management and planning at ANA.

A film based on the "Demon Slayer" manga series became the highest-grossing film in Japan's box-office history after its release in October 2020. The manga series, which put out its 23rd and final volume in book form that year, has sold over 150 million copies.