Junnosuke Taguchi, a former member of Japanese all-male idol group Kat-tun, was released on bail Friday after he was charged with possessing marijuana.

Taguchi, 33, and his partner Rena Komine, 38, who faces the same charge, each posted bail of ¥3 million the same day and were released from a police station in Tokyo.

According to the indictment, Taguchi and Komine, a former actress, had about 2.2 grams of marijuana on May 22 at the Tokyo apartment they shared.

Taguchi, dressed in a black suit and tie, fell to his knees outside the police station and apologized.

"I promise I will never touch illegal drugs including marijuana and become involved in crime," Taguchi said, adding he will suspend his showbiz activities and focus on regaining the public's trust.

Both Taguchi and Komine have admitted to allegations against them, according to investigators.

Last month, the health ministry's Narcotics Control Department arrested them and confiscated some smoking paraphernalia — believed to be rolling papers and a grinder — from the apartment.

On Wednesday, Tokyo prosecutors indicted both Taguchi and Komine on the charge.

Kat-tun was created by major entertainment agency Johnny & Associates Inc. and released its debut CD in 2006, but Taguchi left the group in March 2016 to pursue a solo career.