Rain and some snow may fall on Tokyo Thursday night due to cold winds blowing in from the Pacific Ocean, the Meteorological Agency said Thursday, adding that commuters should be wary of traffic and icy roads.

Between Thursday and Friday, reduced atmospheric pressure and low temperature winds traveling west across Japan are expected to disperse clouds across the area, which may lead to rain and snow in the Kanto region and across east Japan along the Pacific Coast.

Though heavy snow in Tokyo's 23 wards is unlikely, precipitation and low temperatures may cause roads and train tracks to become slick, according to the agency. Snow may accumulate in the lower elevations, as well.

Up to 3 cm of snow is predicted to fall in some areas of the Kanto plain, with 20 cm expected in the northern part of Kanto near more elevated areas.

The agency said it will continue to release updates as the weather progresses, and urged residents to be cautious when they travel outside.