'Miracle' Japan monkey survives after being struck by car and spending day inside vehicle's hood


A young monkey was recently found alive under the hood of a car a day after it was struck by the vehicle, in what police are calling a “miracle.”

A man, whose company car struck the wild monkey at around 4 p.m. Sunday while he was driving on an expressway in Shiga Prefecture, found a dent in the front of the vehicle but no sign of the animal.

The next day, when an employee of the company that owns the car opened its hood, the monkey was found sandwiched between the engine and the radiator.

According to police in Aichi Prefecture, where the monkey was found, the car traveled dozens of kilometers after the collision. But the animal, 40 centimeters in height and weighing nearly 10 kilograms, sustained no major injury.

“It must have been scorching hot inside the hood due to the engine’s heat, but the monkey was lucky enough to have no skin burns either,” an investigator said.

Members of a local hunting club took the monkey to a mountain in Shiga on Tuesday and released it back into the wild.

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