Situated approximately in the center of Honshu on the Pacific coast, Mie Prefecture is rich in nature. We proudly welcomed global leaders to Ise-Shima in 2016 for a G-7 summit where we successfully presented the charms and opportunities of our hometown to the world.

Besides the sacred historical heritage of the Ise Grand Shrine, Mie is famous for pearls, oysters and other treasures from the ocean. The culture of ama, women who make a living diving for marine products, has helped enhance the awareness of sustainable fishing and the preservation of biodiversity of the coasts.

In the mountainous and forested regions, we have been trying to keep the natural balance by using resources wisely. Having ways to control the number of harmful animals protects the lives of farmers and natural diversity. Maintaining forests in good condition as a habitat for animals is one, while appreciating the products of nature in the form of game delicacies is another.

Through these efforts, we strive to make Mie an attractive prefecture where younger generations will want to stay and tourists will want to visit. To create the happiness and richness that does not solely rely on financial capitalism, I hope that the Satoyama Consortium serves as a base for the active exchanging of ideas.

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