Six people, including children, were injured Saturday when a 4-kg drone that was distributing candy at an event in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, suddenly crashed into the crowd, the police said.

Those hit by the drone ranged in age from 5 to 48, but most of the injuries were minor, such as scratches to foreheads and shoulders, the police said.

The drone, about 85 cm in diameter and 55 cm high, was scattering sweets while hovering over a park in Ogaki as part of an event to showcase robotic technologies, the police said. The event was organized by a local tourism association.

About 600 people, including about 100 children attending with their families, were on site at the time of the accident, the organizer said.

The police are questioning the 37-year-old drone pilot, who represents a drone maker in the prefecture.

The man said he received a permit from the transport ministry to operate a drone at the event, the organizers said.