ANA Holdings Inc., owner of Japan's biggest airline, said it's concerned the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump may slow global growth, which in turn affects airline passenger traffic.

"We have to consider the effect on logistics and movements if trade frictions arise as in the past," Yuji Hirako, an executive vice president, told reporters in Tokyo Friday. "The possibility of a slowdown in global growth is emerging. We need to spend time observing Trump's government and policies."

Trump told business leaders this week he would impose a "very major" border tax on companies that move jobs outside the U.S. He also made good on his campaign pledge to save American jobs by pulling the world's biggest economy out of the long-planned Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade pact that would've covered 12 nations and about 40 percent of global gross domestic product. U.S. intelligence officials briefing Trump have painted a dreary next half-decade that will see waning American power amid slow growth.