A Yokohama man was arrested Monday after admitting he stole a company president's wallet during a job interview earlier this month.

"I wanted to work for that company, but since I haven't got a job I needed money," Shogo Takeda, 24, said in owning up to the charges, according to the police.

Takeda is suspected of stealing the wallet containing ¥50,000 in cash from the president's bag during the interview at an elevator maintenance company in Seya Ward, Yokohama, on the evening of Nov. 10.

Police believe Takeda took advantage of easy access to the bag when the president briefly left the room.

After the interview, the president noticed that the wallet had disappeared and reported the incident to the police, speculating that Takeda could have taken it. The president said only he and Takeda were in the office during the interview.

Takeda had included his contact details, including his address and phone number, when he submitted his resume. He did not contact the company to learn about the results of the interview.