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Optical equipment maker Microscope Network Co. and the University of Tsukuba have developed a system that enables doctors to monitor and save endoscope images on Apple Inc. iPhones.

The system, comprising a lens equipped with an endoscope attached to an iPhone camera, allows high-resolution images to be viewed on small screens rather than the large monitors usually associated with endoscopes.

The developers say the system is suitable for use in disaster areas or on remote islands, as it works with any commercial endoscope.

An accompanying smartphone application allows a user to save endoscope images by waving at the iPhone. Images can be deleted by blowing on it. This lets doctors use it hands-free while doing surgery.

The company developed the system after consulting University of Tsukuba Hospital about image adjustments and visibility.

“The system enables us to send images to other doctors and have them check the images,” said Shinichi Inomata, an associate professor of the university’s anesthesia department who participated in the system’s development. “It will be useful in disasters or other rescue situations.”

Images can be protected with a password to protect confidentiality.