KDDI unveils teddy bear-shaped communication tool for children, seniors


KDDI Corp. said Tuesday it has developed an easy-to-use communication tool that looks like a teddy bear and can help young children and grandparents stay in touch.

The Comi Kuma device has 12 built-in sensors and a Bluetooth module that allow it to work in sync with a smartphone. If one kisses a Comi Kuma, for instance, a corresponding image showing one bear kissing another will appear on the display in the ribbon worn by another user’s bear.

Because it does not require a keyboard or buttons, even senior citizens and young children unfamiliar with smartphones can easily use the electronic bear to send each other greetings or express affection, the telecom company said.

A total of 11 images, including those for expressing “good morning,” “hey,” or “I’m tired,” can be shown on the display by touching various parts of the stuffed animal or putting them in different positions.

KDDI has yet to set Comi Kuma’s price or launch date.