As more and more consumers turn to luxury products to enhance their lifestyles, Nissin Food Products Co. will start selling premium brand Cup Noodles from April.

Two varieties of Cup Noodle Rich are set to debut: one, Chinese-style thick oyster-flavored soup with imitation shark's fin made from gelatin, and the other a Japanese-style bonito-based broth with a seasoning made from soft-shelled turtles, which are considered a nutritious delicacy.

The two luxury products — food giant Nissin's first attempt to sell premium instant noodles under the popular Cup Noodle brand since its debut in 1971 — will hit stores April 11. The price per unit will be ¥230, about ¥50 higher than regular-size Cup Noodles, despite the fact that the quantity of noodles in the Rich line is slightly less than that of the ordinary ones.